At NaturaShield, we're proud to offer roof restoration for metal and membrane roofing systems. Our restoration process repairs depreciated roofing material, transforming it into a 'like new' surface. Once restored, with fresh repairs and coating, roofs regain the ability to withstand the elements. With that, your building returns to a higher value-stopping leaks and becoming more energy efficient, just like new!

All applications are eligible for a manufacturers warranty!


To ensure that our roof restoration goes as smooth as possible we use the following process to identify every necessary repair:

  1. Thermal imaging scan
  2. Substrate identification
  3. Crack and leak identification
  4. Full roof assessment
  5. Recommend consultancy plan (Delivered via our NaturaCloud)
  6. Execution

Every NaturaShield project gives transparent, and up-to-date progress reports through our NaturaCloud. With our super-powered online project management (OPM) software, building owners can rest assured that their restoration project is on schedule and in line with their objectives and goals.



Metal roofs are one of the most highly recommended and durable roofing types in the world. However, they are not without the need of a little tender love and care-especially after years of wear and tear from Michigan weather. If your building or campus utilizes metal roofing material that is lacking durability and aesthetic charm, NaturaShield is here to help.

Our metal roof restoration is cost efficient and effective for prolonging the life and longevity of your building. We're proud to offer the following roof restoration services that are sure to keep your building and roof in prime condition.

  1. Full Inspection
  2. Silicone Coating
  3. Fastener Retightening or Replacement
  4. Leak Repair
  5. Panel Repair
  6. Seam Repair


Like metal roofs, membrane roofs are a very popular and effective roofing option. Yet, they are not completely resistant to the elements, and enough punishment will lead to necessary repair and maintenance. If left untreated your roof will be less effective, leaving your building unprotected and vulnerable to unpredictable Michigan weather. Fear not, NaturaShield offers the following single-ply membrane restoration services, including EPDM, PVC, and TPO.

  1. Full Inspection
  2. Leak Repair
  3. Seam Repair
  4. Puncture Repair
  5. Coating